Why partner with connaught

“Flexibility and Creativity” are our Mantra.

Not restricted by traditional larger corporate banks and finance company policies, we maintain a focus on finding solutions and not asking clients to fit in with our products.

Becoming a Partner with Connaught, has true meaning. 

We embrace long term relationships with our clients, helping their businesses grow domestically and expand overseas.

Our experience across 15 countries in Asiaallows us to help our international clients look for some standardization in solutions, unlike commercial banks who have “siloed” products and lending policies in each country.

Research and Development and market awareness are essential for Connaught to keep ahead of market shifts and thus provide our partners / clients with the most effective finance solution.

Types of Finance

Finance is very flexible and all solutions will be different between countries and clients, but some structures are:
  • Rentals, Finance Leases, Hire Purchase and Loans
  • Stepped repayments to match seasonal revenue generation, such as for manufacturing equipment. Increasing over say Christmas Sales period when product demand is high and decreasing in the off season
  • Back-end loaded repayments with a large payment at the end of the term that can be refinanced.
  • Sale and Leaseback of existing equipment to give a re-injection of capital into your company.
  • 6 month initial period with interest only payments
  • Fixed and floating rates
These structures or a combination of these can provide a tailor made solution.